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Aluminum Sand Casting Services

Buffalo Metal Casting is a single-source supplier of aluminum castings and parts. Every part of our process is performed in-house when creating your aluminum sand cast parts, meaning you can be assured of the quality when you work with us. 

Having been in operation since 1975, we know this process inside and out and can guarantee you a top-notch finished aluminum casting as your final product. Because of our highly capable furnace facilities, we can pour nearly any commercially available aluminum to cast your part. For your aluminum sand casting, the aluminum alloys we offer include: 

  • Aluminum alloys: 319, C355, A356, D712
  • Zinc aluminum alloys: ZA8, ZA12
Aluminum Sand Casting Services Buffalo NY
Aluminum Sand Casting Services Buffalo NY




We Utilize A Variety Of Aluminum Sand Casting Methods 

Aluminum sand casting is a versatile process that allows for the creation of almost any part, from small to large sizes, with flexibility in pattern design and quantity. At Buffalo Metal Casting, we use a variety of aluminum sand casting methods to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products that meet your specific needs.

Our methods include:

Aluminum Sand Casting with a Permanent Mold: This process utilizes a reusable metal mold to cast parts, making it an affordable option for producing large quantities of small to medium-sized aluminum parts. The permanent mold also enables consistency in the final product.
Green Sand Aluminum Casting: This is an efficient and cost-effective method for creating small to medium-sized aluminum parts. The molds are made of sand, clay, flour, and water and are reusable, which makes it an ideal option for clients looking for long-term cost savings.

Aluminum Casting Using No-Bake Sand: This process employs sand, resin, and hardening catalysts to create molds, resulting in a superior surface finish on castings. It is best for medium to large-sized parts that require a high degree of surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Precision Shell Sand for Aluminum Casting: For small to medium-sized parts, this process uses non-reusable sand that is blown onto preheated iron patterns to create molds. This produces molds with superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish, making it ideal for creating intricate parts.

Harrison Flaskless Matchplate Mold Machine: This is a mold-creating machine that utilizes the green sand aluminum casting method, which is ideal for creating small to medium-sized parts with complex shapes and fine details. The machine does all the work, resulting in cost savings and high-precision parts.



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