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Quality Standards for the Metal Casting Process

At Buffalo Metal Casting, we understand the difficulties that rejected parts and rework can cause you. To avoid such problems, we developed a written Quality Assurance Plan that sets forth quality control procedures for every department. The plan allocates specific responsibilities for their implementation and provides for full documentation of all tests and inspections.

Strictly adhered to by trained and motivated employees, the Buffalo Metal Casting Quality Assurance Plan is established to describe the Quality Assurance System to be used. It is intended to be compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Industry Standards. The purpose is to assure product conformance to customer requirements and to comply with the intent of the general inspection system requirements of the major government procurement agencies when specified in customer purchase orders,contracts, or subcontracts. Although this document contains provisions in excess of the requirements of Military Specifications MIL-I-45208A, it shall specifically apply to all products and services furnished by the company when this specification is referred to in a contracted document.

Customer Service

All members of our management team are directly involved in the manufacturing process. Their base of operation is the molding floor, not the boardroom. This means you do not have to battle red tape to get a firm production proposal or quote, a progress report on a job, or the answer to any question about our business. Company policy on response time is 24 hours or less - in practice it is usually less!


Management's first-hand knowledge of our workflow ensures that delivery dates promised you are realistic ones. Once production begins, your order is monitored closely and expedited as necessary for on time delivery.


Quality Standards