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Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Casting FoundryIf you're looking for a top-notch aluminum foundry then you've found it with Buffalo Metal Casting. We are a single-source supplier, with over 40 years of experience in providing aluminum foundry services, and we know how to get you the best possible parts, for any job you may need.

Our Aluminum Foundry Services

At our premiere aluminum foundry, casting is available in alloys that include:

  • -Aluminum Alloy: 319, C355, A356, D712
  • -Zinc Aluminum Alloys: ZA8, ZA12

Once you know the specific type of aluminum alloy that you're going to need it's time to take a closer look at the different methods of sand casting that our aluminum foundry can do for you.

Permanent Mold – With this method of casting we create a permanent mold out of metal. This allows the same mold to be used frequently, making the long-term cost for you lower if you need to return for additional parts from the same mold.

Green Sand Casting – If you're looking for small or medium size castings our aluminum foundry can use this method to create a mold out of sand, clay, flour, and water. While not as permanent as the metal molds, these are still reusable and can save costs over time.

No-Bake Sand Casting – If your pieces are going to be a medium or large size you can actually use a mixture of sand, resin, and a hardening catalyst that will form the mold you need. What's great about this is that it creates a smooth finish, which makes the pieces you're creating look even better. It's a little more expensive overall because of the quality of the finished piece.

Precision Shell Sand - For smaller products or at least medium-sized ones, this method is not a reusable one. Iron that is designed in the proper patterns is preheated and sand is blown directly onto that pattern. The sand can't be used for anything else after this, however, so it can be a little more expensive.

Harrison Flaskless Matchplate Mold Machine – Finally this method is actually a machine that uses the green sand method. So you're getting the same style, but the machine is going to do all of the work rather than it being done by hand.

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