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No Bake Sand Casting

Buffalo Metal Casting is a leading metal casting foundry in Buffalo, NY, providing a range of metal casting services to meet the needs of various industries. We specialize in no bake sand casting, a versatile and cost-effective method for producing complex metal parts.

No Bake Sand Casting No Bake Sand Casting


What is No Bake Sand Casting?

No bake sand casting is a popular method for creating high-quality metal parts without the need for extensive tooling or machining. At Buffalo Metal Casting, we offer no bake sand casting services to provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective production of their parts.

Our No Bake Sand Casting Services

We use no bake sand casting to produce a wide variety of metal shapes and parts, ranging from medium to large sizes. This casting method uses a sand mold that is made with a mixture of sand, resins, and catalysts that harden the mold. The sand is not reusable and must be disposed of properly.

Expertise and Equipment

Our skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment make our no bake sand casting services efficient and reliable. We can handle casting projects of various sizes and complexities, and our wide range of capabilities provides convenience by allowing you to access all the casting services you need in one place.

High-Quality No Bake Sand Casting Services at Affordable Prices

We understand that rejected parts and rework can result in difficulties and added costs. As such, our no bake sand casting processes are supervised and quality controlled to ensure the end product is in line with your specifications. When you require finished metal parts with the right dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and desired shape, you can trust us to deliver quality work. We also strive to make our sand casting services accessible by providing them at affordable prices.

Prompt Service

Delays in the production of metal castings and finished parts can lead to revenue loss for our clients. No matter how big or small a project is, we always work hard to see that we deliver the parts within the quickest time possible. Our expertise and equipment also enable us to meet tight deadlines.

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