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Metal Sand Casting & No-Bake Sand Casting Services

Metal Sand Casting & No Bake Sand CastingMetal sand casting is one of the most commonly used processes for metals with high melting temperatures such as titanium, nickel, and steel. Sand casting is widely used owing to its relatively low cost, heat resistance, and flexibility. Generally, there are four unique types of sand mold. These are greensand mold, skin-dried mold, dry sand mold, and no-bake mold. At Buffalo Metal Casting, we can work with aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and more. 

Since the quality of sand used affects the quality of the casting, here are some of the characteristics we look for.

Strength of Metal Sand Casting

One of the most important qualities to look for in sand to be used for metal casting is strength. This means that the sand should be able to maintain its shape and in effect, help the molted metal to assume the desired shape.


Permeability refers to the ability of the sand to allow trapped gases to escape through the particles. While high permeability will reduce the porosity of the mold, lower permeability will ensure a better surface finish. Generally, the permeability of the sand will depend on the size and shape of the sand grains.

Thermal stability of Sand Casting

Since metal sand casting is mostly used for metals with high melting temperatures, it is clear that the process involves high levels of heat. As such, the sand used during this process should be able to resist damage and cracking from the heat of the molten metal. Thermal stability will play an important part in ensuring quality results.


The sand used in this process should be able to collapse or compress. This is crucial during the solidification process as the casting will need to shrink freely in the mold. Sand that does not compress will impede the process and could result in cracking.

No Bake Sand Casting Has High Reusability

One of the benefits of using sand for this process is the low cost associated with the material. It is important to ensure that the sand can be reused for future molds as this will further reduce costs and ensure convenience.
There are certain defects that would emerge during the metal sand casting process.

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