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Mold-Making Technology Optimizes Productivity

Mold Making

With the state-of-the-art Harrison flaskless matchplate mold machine, Buffalo Metal Casting has taken a major step forward in automated mold-making technology designed to boost productivity on behalf of its customers. System features and capabilities include:

Productivity Gains for our Customers

  • One operator can produce a mold every 40 seconds

  • Plate changes can be made in 60 seconds

  • Cores can be set while the cope is being made

  • Mold push-off can be done manually or automatically while the drag is being made

  • Adapted to our existing sand system and pour line

  • Existing patterns can be used 100 pattern programs stored in memory for quick call-up

  • Risers and chills can be set quickly and easily

  • More consistent mold quality provides predictable results

  • Consistent production improves delivery and increases capacity

System Capability and Flexibility for Customer Molds

  • Run jobs requiring anywhere from one mold up to dedicated continuous production

  • Special molding capability including contour molding, special peening, open risers, chills, and multiple sprue locations

  • Flask capacity to 14" x 22" - up to 6" over 8" with single closing pin system

  • Variable mold height - any combination up to the maximum flask capacity

  • Custom flask sizes can be used to suit existing patterns

  • Pattern height capacity to 4-1/2" from parting line

  • Recommended pattern plate thickness of 1" (without thin-pattern option)

  • Allen-Bradley PLC for reliability and flexible machine functions

  • Table impact vibrator for packing sand during the fill; pattern vibrator for mold stripping - manual or automatic